Our story

RedWizard was born out of a passion to understand change, to embrace it and to trust in its power to positively transform anyone and anything.

Our story

RedWizard was born out of a passion to understand change, to embrace it and to trust in its power to positively transform anyone and anything.


Our founder, Jools Barrow-Read has been fascinated with change all her life. She approaches it like a good book, with a beginning, middle and end. And understands there’s always the possibility of a sequel, after all—change is constant.

Jools has worked within project, change and transformation management (PMO) for many years. After seeing first-hand, the fear poorly managed change can cause within the workplace and serious impact it can have on a business, she decided to make a big change of her own. In 2014, she left the security of a full-time role to start her own business — RedWizard.

From the very beginning, her focus has been on making change a positive and empowering experience for people… whilst also delivering real value to businesses.


“Change takes you on a journey. Undoubtedly, there will be some degree of struggle. But it’s the times I took a risk, made big changes and struggled to reach new heights, that I’m most proud of. RedWizard is one of those changes.” –Jools

We're all about family

RedWizard has become a family business. Jools’ twin sister, Laura Handley, decided to join the fold in 2017 after a successful career in teaching. The pair have different strengths, creating a perfect yin yang balance. Jools is the risk taker and Laura ensures her feet stay on the ground.


“When I asked my sister Laura to join RedWizard, to my amazement and eternal gratitude, she said yes. We’ve never looked back.” 


It’s a family business but being part of the RedWizard community means we’re all family now. And we treat each other as such.

We care about the health and wellbeing of our people. This means we’ve embraced flexible working. We all work from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. It’s what REAL flexible working is all about! We live and breathe our work but understand it’s vital to make time for ourselves, family and friends.

The goal is to support and empower our people so they can create the kind life/work balance that works for them. It’s also about building a culture of autonomy where people take responsibility for the work they are delivering. This change in attitude sets us apart from many other businesses. As a result, we’re a loyal bunch of people and care about our clients and each other as individuals—no one is just a number at RedWizard.

Reaching new heights

Over the past few years, we’ve rolled out some pretty incredible programme management office (PMO) solutions.

In 2018, working in partnership with KellyOCG Talent Advisory Services, we ranked in the top 5% of strategic talent PMO solutions in the Everest Report—a fact we’re very proud of!


“It’s great to see our solutions stand the test of time—they were built to last.”


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the largest corporations and service providers, in the UK and US. From global pharmaceuticals and talent consultancy to multi-international imaging and specialist staffing.

We’re now engaging with some amazing talent as part of our fluid talent pool and diverse freelancer community. What an innovative and creative bunch they are!


“We look beyond the conventional route for attracting and engaging the right talent… in fact, nothing we do at RedWizard is conventional!”


We’ve gone from strength to strength and are continuing to learn and grow. Our voice is out there on Twitter and LinkedIn. Sharing our experiences, connecting with others and talking about the things we’re passionate about—change, project management, women in business, flexible working and the environment—these are all subjects that are close to our hearts. Recently, we shared our ‘Mighty Moments’ during Linkedin’s 2019 ‘Small but Mighty’ business week:


Our vision

To become a recognised leader of creative and sustainable project, change and transformation management office solutions globally.

Our values

Our core values are important to us, they make us who we are: bold, flexible, quirky, loyal and warm

What's in a name? For us, everything!

Why we're called RedWizard. A message from our founder...

Red is for Red

In 2001, I lost my job. Although it was a difficult time, I knew I had to make some big changes and fast. After reading ‘Driving Over Lemons’ by Chris Stewart, the story of a family who left their home in the UK and moved to Andalucía, I felt inspired. With no real reason to stay in London, I packed my bags and headed to Lisbon, Portugal.

Three years later, Red came into my life. Red was a stray dog, one of many in the area who frequented my cul-de-sac looking for food. It started with him visiting for daily leftovers but after a few weeks, I opened the front door and in he came. Red became my closest companion during some challenging times. He remained in my life for four years until I lost him to canine leishmaniasis. But… he will never be forgotten as the Red in RedWizard is my way of honouring him and saying thank you.


So, why the Wizard in RedWizard?

Well, ‘wizard’ is in reference to a software wizard. You know, that little box that pops up and gives you a helpful tip now and again. Wikipedia describes it as…

“…a user interface type that presents a user with a sequence of dialogue boxes that lead the user through a series of well-defined steps. Tasks that are complex, infrequently performed or unfamiliar may be easier to perform using a wizard.”

Although the definition sounds a bit dull, the second phrase is at the heart of what we do as a company. We help simplify what is complex to make it achievable.


Red + Wizard =

Our name brings together everything that’s important, not just to me, but to the entire RedWizard community—strong partnerships, strength, loyalty, simplicity, reliability and support, it’s the foundation upon which RedWizard was built.

“Red became my closest companion during some challenging times.”

We take a human approach to business change.