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Think of us as your very own project, change or transformation management office with decades of experience. We'll help you identify the right support model for your business and help you evolve that model as your business changes.

was born to change

They trust you to make it happen.
Trust us to make it stress-free.

Good support is hard to find

It’s not always easy to find the right project, change or transformation management office solution when you need it. In fact, there’s only a handful of businesses around the globe that provide specialist services in these areas—nevermind tailoring those services to your specific business needs. And that, we’re pleased to say, is exactly what we do!

Passionate people creating positive business change

There’s a success story behind each of our business solutions, a fact we’re very proud of. But, we can’t take all the credit. None of it would be possible without our amazing clients! Great collaboration and partnership really can bring ideas to life!


“RedWizard helped us navigate through some adoption challenges we had with a client. They’ve been a great partner, with tremendous change management acumen. The team is always challenging the status quo, and in the talent space, really helpful in creating a first-in-market approach to programme management. If you’re considering partnering with RedWizard, I suggest you do so. You can take comfort knowing they will not only meet expectations but will far exceed them.” 

–Tom Kaminsky, Vice President – Global Practice Lead, Talent Advisory Services at KellyOCG

Unravel complexity and get your time back

Multiple projects, complex dependencies, competing priorities, sound familiar?

The pressure to deliver project work alongside your core responsibilities in such a fast-moving world is unrelenting. That’s why you need impactful project and change management solutions delivered with speed. And that’s an area we excel at!

Imagine having your own community of project, change and transformation experts supporting your objectives and working with you – ensuring project work is streamlined and changes integrated into your business successfully. Working all those extra hours may become a thing of the past once we’re on board! And that means, more YOU time.

Powerful partnerships built on trust

You provide great customer service and always look to improve your communications. But… getting adoption to new tools and technologies is still a struggle!

It may be because meaningful change management is about much more than communications.

We understand the pressure you’re under. Having supported clients with implementing complex business change, we know the work only starts when project delivery finishes.

By focusing on what we call our ‘Big Four’—people, agility, communication and insight—we’ll help you set up tangible ways to measure the adoption of new tools, and proactively address resistance to change within your business. Together, we can boost your internal capability and ensure you continue to have a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

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