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Making Remote Working Permanent

A staggering 13m Brits are set to ask their employer for changes to their long-term working pattern. So, just how do you best prepare and plan for the biggest workplace shift in a generation?

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Spotlight on Remote Working

Put the spotlight on what your teams are doing well whilst remote working and celebrate them! #RWremoteworkingchampions.

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Why wellbeing is the metric that really matters

Companies whose end of year reports featured the phrases ‘mental health’ and ‘wellbeing’ three or more times had double the profits of those who didn’t. Yet, convincing a busy C-Suite that wellness matters can be tricky; after all, how do you implement it and, more importantly, how do you measure it?

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Building a Better Business

When we decided we needed a new website, we sat down, talked through our business and decided that we really needed to grow and develop from the inside out. So when it goes live next month, you’ll be seeing a reflection of the inner work we’ve done to really define our identity, our solutions and, most of all, our values.

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Less workplace more workspace

The country might’ve have gone back to the pubs last weekend, but the question of when it’ll go back to the workplace is yet to be fully resolved. In fact, will workplaces even continue to exist as we’ve known them?

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