PMO managers: Is your PMO customer-centric?

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Customer-centricity. Is it another buzz word? Yes. But one that will positively transform your PMO!

By Jools Barror-Read, CEO and founder, RedWizard

When I first started working in a project management office (PMO) over 15 years ago, it was mainly considered a back-office function. There were a variety of different models but broadly we were responsible for monitoring the progress of project work and informing management if they had cause for concern and needed to step in.

But times have changed….and that’s not all that’s changed!

Thanks to Ralf Finchett for the simple but effective messaging!

The role of the PMO in a digital and, frankly, complex world is vastly different from the PMO I started out in.

How do I keep pace? Well, I’ve never lost sight of who my customer is. Taking a customer-centric approach is not a methodology. It’s a must-have!

PMO failure stats paint a gloomy picture but there is an increasing demand for PMO services…

There’s a host of information online about why PMOs have such a high failure rate. Just google ‘why PMOs fail’ and you’ll be met with a variety of woeful statistics that paint a very dark picture indeed:

  • PMO and EPMO: 80% of high-performance organizations – Champions – have a PMO. 72% say that there is a strong alignment of the EPMO to their organizational strategy. (PMI)
  • Number of companies with a PMO has grown from 47% to 80% from 2000-2012. 30% of companies currently without a PMO plan to start one in the coming year.
  • 94% of companies agreed that project management is crucial for business growth. (Source: Capterra)

These statistics suggest that there is certainly an increasing need for PMO services, so someone somewhere is doing something right! And I’m as interested in what is going right, as what is going wrong.

So, what is going right? Well, there’s no single answer. But, successful PMOs have one thing in common—their diverse service catalogues are designed to meet and exceed customer expectations. In other words, they provide exactly what their customers want and need—not just want they think they want and need!

BOOM! (Mic drop) Can it really be that simple!

Well, yes and no… becoming a customer-c­­entric PMO can be challenging but there’s a clear route to get there. And even though I’ve witnessed successful PMOs being dissolved, the statistics are far less frightening.

So, is your PMO customer-centric?

Our handy gameboard below might help you identify where you are on the customer-centric journey whilst providing some tips to help you build the customer into everything you do.

Key takeaway

The current PMO stats certainly look gloomy but things are changing. Develop a PMO strategy with a focus on the customer experience, and your PMO will be part of the 50% that got it right!

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