Because your business is unique.

And you need talented people who listen, learn, adapt and deliver sustainable long-term results.

No business babble, just inspired people
creating positive change.

Why us?

Ownership and accountability

We take pride in what we do. And stand behind the bold decisions we make—taking full ownership and accountability. You can count on us to be fully involved, adaptable and open at all times. Building trust and long lasting friendships along the way, makes what we do even more rewarding.

Our story

We’ve come a long way since our founder Jools, turned the spark of an idea—to design a cohesive, one-team approach, across project and change management—into an international change business, delivering tailor-made services and solutions. In seven years, we’ve developed into thought leaders, influencing the way people think and deliver business change. We’ve become the link within organisations—connecting, collaborating and empathising with the people that actually make change happen—across project and change functions. We act as the glue, that holds everything together.

Bringing it all to life is a mix of talented people. All highly-skilled and easy to work with: from change professionals, project managers, consultants and

communication specialists to data analysts, coaches, keynote speakers, IT professionals, PMO practitioners and digital content creators. We’re all driven by a common purpose—to create positive and inspiring change.

Our tailor-made services and solutions are integrated and delivered seamlessly—in-house or remotely. And we’re always learning, growing, innovating and harnessing new technologies and trends.

In a nutshell, we help businesses ‘change better’, and work to empower individuals and teams along the way.

Our values


Dare to think big, take risks and break new ground.


Adapt and embrace new and unexpected ways of working.


Work as one-team and bring out the best in each other—with open minds, empathy and respect.


Determined to help individuals and teams achieve the seemingly impossible during times of change.


Ask difficult questions, push boundaries and challenge the status quo.


We’ve been working in-house and remotely for years. Our ability to remain agile and flexible at all times, has prepared us for the unexpected. And means our team is ready to support you in a way that works best for your business.

Meet our people, partners
and collaborators

People tell me I’m very animated and passionate when talking about projects and change management. It’s that passion which gave me the courage to open RedWizard seven years ago. And the determination to help businesses ‘change better’. Today, I’m still excited! And my focus remains on building strong relationships with our growing customer base and influencing the way people think about, and deliver, change.
Jools Barrow-Read
Founder and PMO consultant, RedWizard
Poorly managed change, changed my life. It’s the reason I left my 20-year teaching career. And what gave me the motivation to join my twin sister Jools on her extraordinary journey—to build an international change business, helping organisations ‘change better’. Now, as a qualified Prosci change practitioner, I work alongside talented leaders, helping to bring their people and strategy together.
Laura Handley
Change & Improvement Lead, RedWizard
A former intelligence professional, I’m now a copywriter and researcher, specialising in getting clients’ message across with precision, insight and wit, as well as helping them understand how to make their business even better. I love working with RedWizard because you’re really part of something that’s actually making a difference to people’s lives, not just a name for itself. Outside of work, I love my dog, rowing and photography.
Sarah Johnson
Researcher and Copywriter, RedWizard
I’m the guy responsible for turning IT requirements into reality, whether that’s fixing an email issue or building new functionality into a system. I’ve had the opportunity to work for some fantastic businesses, helping me assimilate a wide variety of IT and business knowledge.
James Bellshaw
Technical Solutions Lead, RedWizard
My background in the performing arts—ballet and opera—taught me the importance of creating a strong emotional connection with an audience. Bringing these skills into the business world enhanced my ability to create engaging, authentic and meaningful content. From storytelling, visual design and copywriting to customer/user experience and corporate communications—I love creating insightful cross-channel content. And aim to reach hearts first—only then, will minds follow.
Kim Yeandle-Hignell
Freelance Digital Content Creator/Designer and Storyteller
I help busy business owners find, reach and spark meaningful connections with their ideal clients through solutions in purposeful social media marketing. I help them define their purpose and create clarity around what they want to achieve with social media marketing, and work with them to design strategies and content plans that are easy to implement, deliver results and leave them feeling empowered, organised, and in control.
Pippa Shakespeare
Social Media Marketeer, Mayfly Social
Throughout my career, my goal has been to help businesses and people-focused leaders move towards a total talent management approach–enabling business strategy and optimizing talent sources, work styles and partnerships. Some of the best minds in the industry recognize that a huge disconnect remains between suppliers, service providers, and talent. And it was important to me that, at Chateau Consulting, we solve these critical issues from a raw and authentic point of view.
Tom Kaminsky
Total Talent Management Champion and Founder, Chateau Consulting
Over the course of my extensive and diversified career, I have become a recognized industry leader and subject matter expert on talent strategies. I thrive on creativity and collaboration. Effectively managing talent and implementing workforce solutions that truly work is no easy feat—especially as the workplace continues to change at warp speed. I bring my holistic expertise, experience, and leadership skills to my clients to drive measured change and results.
Eric Williams
Chief Strategy Officer, Chateau Consulting Solutions
A decade ago I decided there had to be a better approach to analysis than static reporting, and so embraced dynamic data visualisation and visual analytics. Over the years this has broadened to incorporate full-spectrum data services enabling us to take complete ownership of projects and provide innovative and impactful solutions to our clients. It gives me great pride to know that we have helped clients of all sizes to reap the benefits of being data-driven.
James Ambler
Dynamic Data Visualiser, Moor Consulting
I’m passionate about three things: people, change and leadership. And over the past 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure of leading business change, projects and programmes. As well as, coaching many talented leaders through difficult times of uncertainty—improving their leadership skills and helping them become curious and self-aware.
Bekka Prideaux
Coach, Consultant and Founder, The Curious Choice Coaches
I’ve always been fascinated by the power of good design. It’s what drove me to become a commercial designer 20 years ago. And what motivates me to create simple and impactful online experiences today. I’m proud and committed to helping my clients generate more business through their website and digital marketing platforms. From web-design and UX to marketing, I love what I do—no two days are ever the same!
Ray Dale
UX Designer, Consultant and Director, The SeedMill
My passion for project management, transformation and PMO is what drives me to write books, coach and deliver lectures around the world. Sharing knowledge, entertaining, inspiring, engaging, and energising a room full of people, makes my work meaningful. And receiving the ‘PMO Influencer of the Year Award’ from PMO Global Alliance in 2020, was an honour. I feel lucky to do what I love, and love what I do.
Peter Taylor
Keynote Speaker, Coach and Consultant in PM and PMO leadership
With over 25 years’ experience as a cross-industry PMO consultant, specialising in PPM tools and data analytics, I help businesses make the most of their tools and technologies and embed smarter working practices–reducing the cost and impact of change. Whether it’s supporting a small business to become more operationally efficient, or bridging gaps within large organisations, I love bouncing ideas around and forming a solid action plan that delivers results.
Nicole Reilly
Director and Founder, Growth Through Knowledge
After many years working as a senior PMO manager, I decided to become an independent PMO practitioner. And I’ve not looked back! Helping leaders deliver robust strategic change projects/programmes gives me a real sense of purpose. From conducting engaging presentations and mini-masterclasses to writing books and blog articles, I enjoy sharing project lessons learned, insights for strategic decision making, and ways to deliver controlled projects with speed, agility and visibility.
Ken Burrell
PMO Practitioner and Founder, Pragmatic PMO
I have over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment and MSP/RPO sectors. I’m passionate about delivering Project Management, transformation and programme solutions and driving innovation and service excellence through collaboration, enabling outstanding results. I translate strategic goals and navigate the dynamics of stakeholder relationships within complex matrix driven organisations, whilst striking the right balance with relationship management.
Angelina Andrews
Project Manager in MSP/RPO Sector