Because you’re a visionary leader.

You can see what’s coming. And you need the perfect partner to prepare for the future

Even the most capable leaders need help navigating complexity.

Why you?

Get ahead of the game

You’ve had a difficult time. From Brexit to Covid, and now The Great Resignation, you’ve been on the back foot for too long. A focus on satisfying short-term needs has left strategy in second place. We can help. We partner with customers, suppliers and technology partners to identify and deliver strategic, tactical and operational improvements, setting you free to focus on your long-term vision.

‘Being vendor-neutral means we’re an unbiased extension of the client’s team. And because we’re not dealing with the day-to-day running of your contingent workforce, we’ve got room to think creatively, solve problems, and challenge inefficiencies.’ —Jools Barrow-Read


We’re small, innovative and agile. We’ve won awards, big contracts, and high praise. But above all, we are unique. We are the only transformation specialist focused on the growing contingent workforce.

  • “RedWizard brings organisation to chaos and innovation to the status-quo. Always the consummate partner, Jools and her team have unique ways of shaping the art of the possible”
    Joan Moyer
    Managing Director, Tapfin Solutions
  • “We enjoyed a great partnership with RedWizard, working with us to create a first-to-market approach to program management within the talent space”
    Tom Kaminsky
    Vice President, Talent Advisory Services, KellyOCG
  • “We used Jools and the RedWizard team to design, implement and embed an innovative regional PMO solution and were impressed at every stage by their genuine passion, enthusiasm and energy”
    EMEA Category Lead HR Services
  • “RedWizard let their passion and commitment drive them in a very genuine way.” 
    Jeremy Settleton
    Global People Leader (HR)
  • “Jools’ hands on, pragmatic approach, which she customises to each new environment, means they are able to make an immediate impact” 
    James Mather
    CEO at Iron Oak Security
  • “RedWizard did an excellent job in project managing and sound-boarding, not leaving a stone unturned and did a great job in challenging our thinking”
    Amy Dickinson
    Senior Manager WW Government Affairs & Policy