Because you’re a visionary leader.

You understand change is inevitable.
You make things happen.

Even the most capable leaders need help navigating through difficult times of change.

Why you?

Making bold moves

It’s a time of tremendous change. And how you manage change now, will directly impact your business in the future. You can’t do it alone. Having the support of other leaders will help you make bold moves, close gaps, rebuild your organisation and recover. Providing that support is what we do best.

To lead resilient organizations, executives must support transformation and organization design initiatives that ensure processes and structures fit changing needs, while mitigating the risk of employee change fatigue. —Gartner 2021


We’ll work with you to design a customised approach,
unique to your situation.

Case studies

  • “We enjoyed a great partnership with RedWizard, working with us to create a first-to-market approach to program management within the talent space”
    Tom Kaminsky
    Vice President, Talent Advisory Services, KellyOCG
  • “We used Jools and the RedWizard team to design, implement and embed an innovative regional PMO solution and were impressed at every stage by their genuine passion, enthusiasm and energy”
    EMEA Category Lead HR Services
  • “RedWizard let their passion and commitment drive them in a very genuine way.” 
    Barbara Fink
    EMEA Manager Category Lead HR Service (Procurement) Johnson & Johnson
  • “Jools’ hands on, pragmatic approach, which she customises to each new environment, means they are able to make an immediate impact” 
    James Mather
    CEO at Iron Oak Security
  • “RedWizard did an excellent job in project managing and sound-boarding, not leaving a stone unturned and did a great job in challenging our thinking”
    Caroline Moesen
    Senior Manager WW Government Affairs & Policy
  • “RedWizard has the rare ability to assimilate and focus on operational detail whilst never losing sight of the high-level strategic imperatives.” 
    Peter Wilden
    EMEA Program Manager – Manpower Group