Reflect, renew and recommit

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Traditionally, January is a dull and painful month, full of post-Christmas comedowns, bad weather and fears for the oncoming year

-and yes, a quick glimpse at the news would have us all believe that 2020 was already following that form. But here at RedWizard, the start of the year is a glorious opportunity to reflect, renew and recommit to doing what we love best – helping you to implement crucial and innovative business change at all levels.

To start with, we’re a small but mighty team of experienced, agile and passionate cross-industry professionals who are dedicated to easing the process of change throughout global business. As a leading change enabler, RedWizard is passionate about the possibilities that lie beyond the norm, and offers a range of custom-made PMO solutions to support you through the process of designing, implementing and embedding successful change within your organization.

Led by the driven and dynamic Jools Barrow-Read, we have a powerful vision that turns its back on a stifling 9-5, and instead throws open the doors to transformative thought and process. With a mission statement that aims

“to create innovative and sustainable transformation solutions around the globe,”

we think big, bold, and brave.

We’re a strong community of remote and flexible experienced experts, who enjoy a culture that empowers, rather than micro-manages, its people. We’ve said goodbye to the 9-5 and hello to a flexible future, because we trust our people, and when we are trusted – we flourish. And because we know how to value our people, we know how to value yours, too.

While we have a rich background in corporate process and consultancy, we put people at the heart of all we do, and focus on the ‘why,’ not just the ‘what’ and ‘how.’ We embed function with feeling, creating solutions that are easily understood and a natural fit with your existing culture. Our passion for emotional intelligence (EQ) helps us empathize with companies facing the natural challenges of change, whether that’s communicating effectively, defusing conflict or overcoming resistance.

Think of us as co-creators who are as much invested in the success of your business as you are. We don’t just build solutions in isolation, deliver and then walk away. We know how much you want to exceed expectations – and we do, too. So, we work with you and your teams to create bespoke solutions that truly add value and help to embed long-lasting change. You know your business, but we know how to improve its performance and maximize its capability, so from the ground up, trust us to ask the key questions, listen hard, and identify the best-fit model.

And finally, as a wise man once said, change is the only constant, and we understand that our job may never quite be done. So, we prize loyalty, trust and empathy, as we seek to build enduring and successful relationships with our clients, read our case studies here.

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