STEM specialist staffing company

PMO set-up & establishment for IT department portfolio
Industry: Recruitment
Key pain points: Limited visibility of spend portfolio, Inadequate reporting mechanisms, Lack of interdepartmental engagement
Services: PMO Set-up & Establishment

The Brief

The IT department and project delivery arm of this international recruitment company were struggling to deliver their projects on time and on budget.

As a result, project scope was often compromised and outcomes rarely aligned with the organisation’s business objectives, making it difficult to quantify their success.

The lack of robust project management standards,  limited visibility of where overspend was occurring and limited cross-functional departmental engagement on key project deliveries contributed to a failing project management function.

We were brought on board to help them realign their project management strategy, implement the necessary standards, tools and processes to support improved project execution and improved governance, ensuring this function could deliver tangible and measurable value to the business in the future.

Limited visibility of spend portfolio

Due to a lack of proper time-tracking and consistent categorization of work undertaken, it was difficult to pinpoint where project overspend was occurring

Inadequate reporting mechanisms

It was difficult for leaders to take corrective action at the right time as they were not always looped in and in the know

Lack of interdepartmental engagement

Without a communication and change management standard in place, adoption rates of new systems and processes were low and key stakeholders not fully bought-in to the changes

Our Approach

We partnered with this client to offer our specialist services to identify the root causes of its under-performing project delivery function and develop a remediation plan to enhance performance.

Our analysis led us to develop a PMO solution, focused on developing the appropriate tools to increase efficiency, streamline delivery, introduce better control and monitoring and reduce costs.

We deployed our solution in phases to ensure the benefits could be quantified and assessed before moving on.  This approach fostered more buy-in from key stakeholders over time and ensured the client could proactively manage their investment in change.

Our Solution

We provided our specialist PMO set-up & establishment services to deliver a bespoke solution for this STEM Specialist Staffing Company.


Formalised the project delivery function, introducing timesheet reporting, business case reviews for projects over a certain threshold of spend and risk, a robust benefit realisation process and an annual roadmap planning process to ensure projects undertaken are aligned to against the business strategy.

Business Intelligence

Introduced a robust financial reporting mechanism to maximise spend efficiency, ensuring transparent allocation of costs associated with delivering projects and supporting senior leadership in making more informed decisions.

Communications & Change Management

Designed a change management and training strategy, along with methods to assess adoption to new processes and tools, ensuring improved engagement between departments and fostering greater transparency.


Introduced a suite of templates to support project delivery, leveraging these across all project types to increase efficiency and ensure the right questions are asked at the right point in the process.

Continuous Improvement

Mobilised a robust governance structure to monitor the impact of the PMO solution, enabling continuous evolution of the function alongside the changing needs of the business.

The Outcome

In four years, the efficiency of the project management function increased by 70% against time, scope and budget targets.

In the same period, the size of the team was reduced by more than 50%, however, the project portfolio more than doubled-in size.

Since our initial engagement, the client has gone on to leverage the tools and processes introduced by RedWizard at an enterprise level, resulting in the organisation’s first Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO).

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