Multinational imaging & electronics company

PMO management for global ERP project
Industry: Electronics
Key pain points: Complex programme structure, Managing spend, Multiple deliverable dependencies
Services: End-to-end solutioning services

The Brief

The European operations extension of this multinational imaging and electronics company was about to embark on one of the biggest enterprise resource planning (ERP) builds in the private sector.

This included the integration of all core business processes, except HR and involved over 400 resources working out of 4 key locations across the globe.

We were brought on board to help this client navigate their way through a complex project environment, whilst supporting the effective delivery of the organisation’s business transformational change in line with its objectives.

Complex structure

The programme involved 14 active workstreams, with over 400 resources operating from four different time zones across the globe

Managing spend

The average spend per month was in excess of £2M, so visibility into spend on a day-to-day basis was paramount to control costs

Domino effect on output

A deliverable in a single workstream could impact multiple other deliverables under other workstreams

Our Approach

We partnered with this client to offer our specialist PMO managed services to design and develop the foundational framework that would set the initiative up for success.

Our solution introduced an agile support model to maximise contractor efficiency, whilst controlling project spend and providing detailed insight and visibility into progress to support the organisation’s business objectives.

Our Solution

We provided our specialist PMO managed services to deliver a bespoke solution for this Multinational Imaging & Electronics Company.


Mobilised a programme steering model and risk management process to measure workstream inputs and outputs, ensuring alignment and ongoing monitoring of progress, whilst allowing senior management adequate time to successfully mitigate any potential risks.

Business Intelligence

Implemented a robust financial reporting structure, enabling senior leadership to make strategic investments when necessary and allowing proactive management of spend to ensure third-party costs were validated prior to payment.

Communications & Change Management

Introduced a standardised reporting structure, facilitating efficient and effective engagement and alignment on the status of all work between key stakeholders across the programme in line with the organisation’s business objectives.

The Outcome

Our solution enabled proactive management of costs, enabling senior leadership to make strategic investments in line with their business objectives.

Due to the granularity of financial reporting, the client was able to secure a substantial rebate from suppliers against expense claims that fell outside of policy.

Since the successful launch of the programme, the client has leveraged our agile solution, using the tools, technologies, policies and processes that were developed to support their on-going operations across Europe.