Global Pharmaceutical Company

End-to-end solutioning for procurement program in EMEA
Industry: Healthcare
Key pain points: Complex organisational structure, High degree of transformational change, Numerous third-party dependencies
Services: End-to-end solutioning services

The Brief

When this global pharmaceutical company came to us, their procurement programme in EMEA was about to embark on a major business transformational change that would shake up not just their own organisation but also the dynamics of the talent supplier marketplace!

From a single supplier partnership delivering a single service, in 2015 the programme decided to expand their partnership to include four other services lines, managed by five global providers.

We were tasked to design a solution to manage this change, whilst ensuring the programme supported the organisation’s business objectives.



Our approach

We applied our usual business-led approach to address this brief. Given the level of maturity of the programme and the magnitude of change planned, we partnered with this client to offer our connected services in PPM & PMO Consultancy and Set-up, and to date continue to deliver value through our Managed Services.

Our team of consultants engaged with key stakeholders to identify their business objectives, defining a solution blueprint that would set the programme up for success.

Our solution introduced a programme-wide infrastructure with its own identity, processes and technology, helping to manage the complexities and levelling the playing field for all competitors through a centralised framework.

Our solution

We provided our end-to-end PPM & PMO services to deliver a bespoke solution for this Global Pharmaceutical Company.


Deployed a standardized web-based solution with a built-in routing tool to automate the process of directing customer requests to the right supplier, fostering trust and transparency between the competitors, whilst meeting business objectives of improved compliance, reduced risk & rogue spend.


Documented the programme’s operating model, defining roles and responsibilities as well as approval and escalation processes to overcome the challenges of relying on the suppliers’ resources to run operations at a local level, whilst ensuring a regional best-in-class service.


Introduced a programme-wide data standard with definitions, implemented a KPI template and put in place regular reporting checkpoints to capture more meaningful insights from supplier data, enabling greater transparency and allowing the programme team to make more informed strategic decisions.

Communications &
Change Management

Designed a communications framework for the programme to streamline engagement with stakeholders, launching the platforms, tools and materials required to encourage collaboration between all supplier resources, increase programme awareness and enhance its reputation among senior leadership and customers.


Embedded a cyclic evaluation process to monitor operational performance of both internal and external processes against the programme’s business objectives to ensure continued alignment and identification of opportunities for enhanced growth and innovation.

The outcome

According to the Everest Report, our solution ranked in the top 5% of strategic talent PMO solutions.

Our programme engagement model has been rolled out across 33 countries, helping to deliver automation to support a network of 2000+ programme customers and in excess of 6000 transactions. Through our communications framework & delivery model, we’ve engaged with approximately 8000+ programme customers and prospective customers.

Most importantly, through our agile, scalable solution, we’ve been able to positively influence the collaboration between the five competitors, providing them the shared platforms, tools and processes to work with our client to achieve service excellence.

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