Case Study – Healthcare

Delivering programme transformation and a holistic, data-driven talent governance solution in contingent labour.



Safely expanded the programme from 8 to 33 countries over 3 years


Cost savings

Enabled realisation of $125M cost savings over 4 years


Global competitors

Effectively engaged and aligned five global competitors

How our tailor-made programme management office (PMO) solution helped a global pharmaceutical company expand and transform its talent programme across 25 new countries—creating a holistic approach to talent management. And giving the company a competitive edge and future-ready, skilled workforce.

Client overview

Our client is a multinational corporation that has been operating for over 130 years. With more than 130,000 employees around the globe, they are one of the world’s biggest healthcare companies—developing medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer goods. 


For over ten years, our client was running a large talent programme managed by a single service provider. With plans to revamp their talent approach, expanding the programme into 25 new countries, a major business transformation was required—one that would ‘shake-up’ the business and alter the dynamics of their talent supplier marketplace. 

We were asked to partner with our client to create a sustainable, flexible and data-driven governance solution. A solution that would drive visibility into volumes, spend and supplier performance—enabling the programme to scale and evolve safely across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)


Adapting to our client’s strategy and circumstances, and aligning with their philosophy and value system, we set about implementing a framework to simplify the rollout of programme services through multiple service providers. In parallel, we worked to increase visibility into local operations and customer satisfaction—creating baselines to proactively monitor supplier performance. Our ability to connect and create a one-team approach across the complex stakeholder landscape enabled us to set expectations, build trust, buy-in and the right balance between regional and local needs.

Included in approach:

Customer engagement: 

  • Engaged with over 4000 programme customers, and prospective customers across 25 countries
  • Established customer feedback process 
  • Managed the roll out of new services to 33 countries through five global service providers

Communications and change management: 

  • Implemented a streamlined communications framework ensuring all stakeholders could stay abreast of programme developments
  • Created programme branding pack, marketing and training materials to ensure brand consistency across different service providers

Governance framework: 

  • Documented programme operating model and supporting processes
  • Defined programme roles and responsibilities
  • Designed and implemented an escalation management framework
  • Designed and implemented programme approval workflows
  • Set standards and indicators for regional best-in-class service
  • Launched an EMEA centre of excellence 

Business intelligence: 

  • Designed and implemented programme data standards and definitions
  • Implemented regular monitoring of supplier performance against service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Captured meaningful insights from programme data—enabling greater transparency for informed decision making


  • Developed automation tools to support over 2000 Hiring Managers conduct over 12000 transactions in three years
  • Built a communication hub
  • Created dashboards for integrated reporting
  • Built a web-based customer engagement tool
  • Deployed an e-learning training programme to help customers navigate the risk associated with engaging contingent labour

Continuous improvement: 

  • Monitored programme performance against business objectives
  • Managed programme project portfolio in line with client strategy


  • Safely expanded the programme from 8 to 33 countries over 3 years
  • Created a blueprint to support further expansion beyond EMEA
  • Delivered a data solution to support granular monitoring of:
    • volume
    • spend
    • risk
    • supplier performance
  • Enabled realisation of $125M cost savings over 4 years
  • Effectively engaged and aligned five global competitors 
  • Received commendation after solution was ranked in top 5% of strategic programme management office solutions by the Everest Group


Drawing from our own mix of talented people, we were able to deliver a flexible, adaptable and holistic framework for our client— tailored to their changing needs. One that supports future success, is adaptable, agile, responsive and people-focused. We’re pleased to say that our talent programme solution ranked in the top 5% of strategic talent PMO, and is still being used as a global blueprint to ensure consistency.

Competition to attract the right talent across industries due to increasing digitalisation of HR functions, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems are some of the biggest challenges business leaders are currently facing. And due to COVID-19, Brexit, an ageing workforce, remote working, and the adoption of new technology—there are many reasons companies have been forced, or are bracing themselves, for major change. We continue to stay one step ahead and our ability to remain agile and flexible at all times, has prepared us for the unexpected. And means our team is ready to support new and existing clients in a way that works best for their business.

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